love warrior

I read a bumper sticker once, "The real revolution will be love." These manifestations are fighting that war for us all. They encourage us to find ourselves, love ourselves and heal ourselves so we can then serve the universe and all things at a higher level. 


soul family

This body of works deals in the realm of my soul family: What we aspire to be, where we come from and what our true mission is in this lifetime. I was processing what it meant to create life, how my body and mind were morphing. I was connecting with my soul's vision and how that differed from the American image of motherhood.



This body of work was produced in Key West, Florida while I was cooking a tiny human inside myself, having a love affair and exploring concepts of family, The American dream and single motherhood.



These pieces are delving into the knowledge of ancient societies, the connection of tribal cultures with rituals, customs and their surroundings and the lack of spiritual connection present in our American way of life. They deal with cultural and spiritual vacancies, inequalities of sexes, gender roles, marriage, procreation, and divine connection. I am building totems to connect past with present, to compare patriarchal societies with matriarchal ones, and to expose the value of the sacred feminine and the spiritual awareness and connection that has been lost or forgotten.



This body of work addresses ideas about our society's controversial views on energy, environment, culture and the future world we create for the next generation. 2014.



A body of work concerned with the societal stigma placed on those of us "diagnosed" with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The work exposes a brilliance of the minds capacity to be a creative agent, to juggle multiple ideas and be gifted with a sensitivity to the energies abundant around us. 2014.



This body of work based on the energy I felt around these garden sculptures while walking around Key West, FL. I have idolized telephone poles since I was a child, so some of them have been included here as well. 2013.