It all started when...

I am a Providence artist, creating in Martha's Vineyard, Key West, and anywhere else I go. I grew up and went to college in Rhode Island. The state’s insignia is an anchor with a hope ribbon below. I resonate with this. My heart is my anchor wherever I roam. Hope is what we all need.

In Providence I was building large installation sculptures out of found objects. I salvaged pieces that vibrated with their own story from scrap metal yards, the side of the road, dumps, etc. I was painting canvas that would only ever fit in your home if you were living an old mill building; it is here that I rented studio space, anywhere from 3000 sq. ft. to 18000 sq. ft. It was a playground for my imagination.

On Martha's Vineyard, I started a garden design, installation and maintenance company after mentoring under two amazing women, Jennie Slossberg, of the Garden Angels and Abigail Higgins. I look at my gardens as living installations. I build sacred spaces and grow sustenance for my clients. I have a studio in Oak bluffs where I make mixed media paintings. I am drawn to the cycles present on this island. Tourism and heat collide in a frenzy of energy and happenings.

As winter sets in on the Island the crowds disperse, the venues close and the gardens sleep. This is my opportunity to travel. I dive into my soul family spread across the U.S., live light and prefer to travel by bike on a daily basis. I land in North Carolina, Savannah, GA and all over Florida. I have spent time in San Diego, CA, Bozeman, MT, Colorado and New Orleans, LA. Each place carries its own soul and history and I gather inspiration dancing with them all.

I had just competed in my first sprint triathlon and turned 33. I was at a painting retreat on Martha’s Vineyard led by Melissa D’Antoni of FireTree Studios, and I found out I was pregnant. Everything in my life had been a tornado for about two years. Everything I touched seemed to shatter and I wasn’t grounded in any sense of the word. All I had was my morning coffee routine and my journey- whatever that meant. I got up everyday and did whatever I was supposed to do. I designed gardens. I made paintings. I continued to travel in the winter. I grew my large belly in Key West with my Florida family. I came back to Martha's Vineyard ripe to pop and gave birth to my son, Grey. 

Grey and I managed to make it through our first summer together living in our Airstream trailer living pretty much off the grid.  No matter what I tried, I could not get stars to align to fit even one yoga class into my schedule. That brought me to my investment into the 200 hour yoga teacher-training course at the Fly Yoga School, with Sherry Sidoti. 

Everything started to make a bit more sense. My soul was calling me home. The universe had stripped my life of everything that was unnecessary to bring me back to myself. I began trying to unite all the parts of myself: The art, the gardens, the organic food, the dancing for your soul, the yoga, the need for community, motherhood, the concept that I had always believed in but had no way to put into words, the life energy.

We are all made of this energy: people, animals, insects, plants, cars, buildings, continents, stars, moon, and ocean, all of it. We are just composed in different densities. My mission is unity consciousness. Lets' enjoy the journey together.


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